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Anne finally got off her ass........

Stronger Because of YOU

Track Listing:

1.) You Got ME, The Roots ft. Erykah Badu
2.) Better Man, Pearl Jam
3.) Never Dreamed You'd Leave Me(in summer), Stevie Wonder
4.) Too Much The Same, Goapele
5.) A Million Miles Away, Lenny Kravitz
6.) Tears Ago, Rahsaan Patterson
7.) Tell Me Lies, Shakira
8.) Back To Stay, Macy Gray
9.) These Things Don't Exist, Goapele
10.) Emotional Roller Coaster, Vivian Green
11.) Outside(live), Staind
12.) We Can't Be Friends, Deborah Cox ft. Freddie Jackson
13.) Picture, Sheryl Crow & Kid Rock
14.) Goodbye to you(Live), Michelle Branch
15.) Say Goodbye, Madonna
16.) Bonus hidden track... will vary depending on CD sent out.

Artists appear courtesy of:
Motown, MCA, Sony, Red Urban Records, Virgin, Elektra/Asylum, J-Records, Capitol, A&M, Atlantic, Maverick, and Dreamworks.

THANK YOU for making me see things clearer and tasting life as if for the first time. Building myself up, from shattered pieces made me stronger. Made me who I am. Taught me who I wanted to be. If you are lost, you can find me...time after time.

If you are interested in a copy of my cd, please EMAIL ME at: come_to_me. Thanks and enjoy!
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Excuse me, ma'am... I'd like a copy of that, please. ;)
i waaaaaaaaaaaaaant one
I want a copy.

I'm still alive, I think
email me at: come_to_me@livejournal.com so i make sure i have your correct address still. i'll get it to ya soon!!