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Life Soundtrack

Living Through Music

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Welcome to Life Soundtrack! This is a community solely for the purpose of putting together album compilation soundtracks for each individual member's life. Music is a major influence in everyone's life. Everyone has a specific collection of songs that directly relates to their life or strikes a chord in their heart. Whatever the case may be, this is the place to make all different sorts of "mix tapes" for your life.

Any and all music varieties are accepted...you have free reign of your own soundtrack. There are only a few rules...they are as follows:

1. As most of us try to create our soundtracks in a "professional" manner, we do ask that you write liner notes along with your track listing. This way, you can directly credit the appropriate writers, musicians, and the record labels featured on your soundtrack. You may also want to include a list of "thank you's" to anyone who may have helped you out, inspired you in life or inspired you to make the specific soundtrack, or to dedicate the CD to any one in particular.

2. You cannot have more than 20 tracks on a CD. This is a way to regulate things from getting too out of control. It's understandable that there is probably more than 20 songs on the soundtrack of your life...which is why you are more than welcome to make as many soundtracks as you want. But to make sure that people aren't putting a million songs on one disc (which wouldn't really happen unless each track is like a second long) we've reduced it down to normal album length.

3. There is no longer a minimum number of tracks you must have on a soundtrack. We used to require that you have at least 10, as most CD's you find in stores have that many, but we've come to the realization that in the case of short EP's, CD singles and CD samplers, there's sometimes no more than two tracks. You may have a small number of tracks on a soundtrack if you want, but make sure that "EP" or some kind of disclaimer is attached to your soundtrack's title.

4. Several of us design front and back covers for the CD cases...this is not a requirement, but it helps to sort of "market" your soundtrack to the rest of the community, or spark interest if you're planning on distributing it among community members.

5. Community moderators are not responsible for distribution and shipping of soundtracks between members and you all do so at your own risk. We are also not responsible for your personal information becoming public knowledge. We as community moderators will not share your mailing addresses, phone numbers, E-Mail addresses, etc. with the rest of the community, but if you do, it's at your own risk. Be careful who you share said information with!

Other than those few notes...it's all up to you! Have fun and be sure to give appropriate credit in your liner notes. Have fun!

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