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Community Info and News

First off, it's been forever since someone's created a CD here that I'm beginning to wonder if I should just give it up and move on and try and make some other original community everyone would be interested in. Instead, I'm sort of dusting this community off rather than just throwing the towel in. Here's some stuff I've done that is somewhat vital to share with all of you.

  • I've begun planning a third soundtrack from yours truly...I don't know when I'll actually be finished or get underway on it, but I'm hoping to get started on it soon.
  • I've been searching for different websites and junk that have layouts we can use to customize the community and make it seem more interesting. I've tried installing one that I found at LJlayouts.org but it didn't work. If anyone has any suggestions on this, I'm all ears, because I'm layout stupid.
  • I changed a bunch of the rules and stuff shown on the community userinfo page to "lighten up" the community. I took away the "minimum number of tracks" you have to have on a disc and tried to make life_soundtrack seem like actual fun (since it's what it's supposed to be) instead of like you're doing homework.
  • I've also been promoting the community in journal links and advertisement communities. If you know someone who might like life_soundtrack, be sure you spread the word. :)

Interested In Receiving PAST Soundtracks?
Browse through past entries here in life_soundtrack...most of the people who have made soundtracks here are still members and are more than willing to send out a copy or two of the discs they have made in the past! Most of the members here are friendly and won't bite. Never hurts to ask. ;)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Leave 'em in the comments to this post. Feedback is appreciated.
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