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The First Thing You Need is a Name, Then You'll Know What Kind OF Band You Got.

And The Kids Will Know What It Once Meant

Track Listing Disc One:

1.) Sound System, Operation Ivy
2.) Thumbs Down To Generation X, Slow Gherkin
3.) Lost Again, Dance Hall Crashers
4.) Knife in my Heart, The Tantrums
5.) Powerhouse, Lee Press-On and the Nails
6.) Nocturnal, Tiger Army
7.) Days of the Pheonix, A.F.I.
8.) Evil, The Nerve Agents
9.) Bloom in Black, All Bets Off
10.) Restraint, Fury 66
11.) We've Had Enough, Model American
12.) Under the Radar, The Grannies
13.) Carpe Noctem, Pitch Black
14.) Seize the Day, Enemies
15.) Let me get what I want, The Thumbs
16.) Parlez-Vous FUCK YOU, The Criminals
17.) Addicted to you, The Bodies
18.) One More Day, Workin' Stiffs
19.) California Highway, AKA Nothing
20.) Another Day, Swingin' Utters
21.) Your Generation, The East Bay Chasers

Track Listing Disc Two:

1.) Journey to the End of the East Bay, Rancid
2.) Hammersmith Palais, Dead End Cruisers
3.) They'll Never Call It Quits, One Man Army
4.) Oh Serena, The Distillers
5.) Stop, Drop, and Roll, The Force
6.) Not So Bad, Good Riddance
7.) Leaving There, Frantics
8.) Marionette, Tsunami Bomb
9.) The Kids are United, 7 Seconds
10.) Moron Brothers, NoFx
11.) I Just Wanna Do it with You, The Mr.T. Experience
12.) Berekeley Pier, Tilt
13.) Anthem, Hopelifter
14.) Down in Oakland, The Transplants
15.) The Plague, Redemption87
16.) My Boot in your face is what keeps me alive, Pinhead Gunpowder
17.) Oh Broadway, Common Rider
18.) On Pilot Mountain, Spymob
19.) SKUNX, Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards
20.) Brainstew, GreenDay

Other artists worht checking out:
The Queers, Screw 32, Loose Change, The Frisk, Skankin' Pickle, Link80, Love=Death, Rely, Our Turn, Scattered Fall, 4 Non Blondes, Me first and the Gimme Gimme's, Pansy Division, Lab Rats

The Clash, Joe Strummer, & the people that make 924 Gilman what it is for us to enjoy music today. And that's it.

About this comp:
All the bands listed above as tracks or "other artists" are all bands that are from the northern california music scene. Many bands have since relocated, but the music that made them who they are started in clubs like 924 Gilman Street, The Pound, The Bomb Shelter, Bottom of the Hill, Toubadour, The Siefert Center and many others. The San Fransisco and East Bay have spawned what today kids listen to and request on TRL. Think about it. Would there be a Simple Plan, Blink-182, or Good Charlotte if there wasn't a Rancid & Green Day??

If you are interested in a copy of my cd, please EMAIL ME at: come_to_me. Thanks and enjoy!
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